Why reliable air care systems are essential to washroom facilities.

Your washroom says a lot about your business, from how it is run to how it treats its staff and visitors.

Air Freshening System

For many, the washroom is a safe and secure place to attend when we do our business. For some, the business washroom can be a place of solace during a busy day.

A toilet with nice aromas welcomes users into it. A good smelling washroom is a good indication of good hygiene and assures visitors of the cleanliness resulting in a better washroom experience. However, poor washrooms that smell, turn visitors away and give them the impression that your business isn’t as hygienic as they first thought.

People’s views on a business go a long way in terms of return custom. If hygiene levels are poor, chances are those customers will not visit again. If that customer then tells their friends or leaves a bad review somewhere it could have a detrimental impact on sales.

In this post Hygienic Concepts shares why you need air care services in your business, and why air freshener dispensers are essential to keeping malodours at bay.

What causes washroom odours?

Washroom odours are mixtures of smells that come from human waste like urine and faeces. When we use the toilet tiny particles from our waste mix with water and can be launched up to 14 feet or more from the porcelain throne. These particles are called toilet plumes and can lead to illness and other issues if not cleaned. We recommend people flush the toilet with the lid down to prevent any nasty germs from leaving the toilet.

If the toilet plumes do manage to get out they can land on a variety of surfaces which in turn help with lingering smells. In addition, a constant build-up of the urinal and toilet cistern causes foul odours to develop over time. Washroom odours can be caused by a few main factors:

High traffic and usage

The more people using your washrooms, the more waste is produced. More waste means more malodorous particles dispersed into the air resulting in a bad smell.

The higher traffic and poor air care can also lead to a higher volume of undesired poor washroom habits, with more people not flushing after use and inadequate waste disposal actions. If you have ever been in a washroom that hurts your nose then you will understand that you want to be in and out of that washroom as quickly as you can.

Poor air circulation

Poor air circulation within the washroom creates a breeding ground for malodour and bacteria as the air cannot escape, and new clean air cannot enter. The odours that are in the washroom stay in the washroom, concentrating the odours in the room. Many washrooms are small, compact and warm leaving this space an ideal environment for bacteria and even fungi to grow. Over time the concentration and growth of fungi, mould and dew worsen the air conditions within the washroom.

Washroom Maintenance

The average toilet can last up to 15 years, but with a heavy footfall in your business washroom, these life expectancies can be shortened drastically. Keeping your washroom facilities maintained not only increases the life span of your washroom but also other aspects including air quality.

Due to wear and tear toilets and sinks break down. Blocked drains can affect the flushing functionality and cause soiled water leaks and odour. Without regular checks and maintenance, products within the washroom eventually break or block resulting in poor conditions and bad air.

Poor cleaning and hygiene

Regular cleaning is required especially if you have high traffic and heavy usage. A clean and hygienic washroom not only promotes better hygiene and sanitisation but also eliminates factors that contribute to foul smells.

It is known that men’s washrooms smell worse than women’s especially if there is a urinal present. This is because when men stand to urinate, their aim isn’t always that accurate or they fall a little short.

Work from top to bottom when cleaning ensuring all surfaces are cleaned. A biological washroom cleaner is great for business toilet surfaces as it continues to work after you have finished cleaning. Below is our order of surfaces you should clean.

1.      Toilet cistern.

2.      Toilet seat and bowl.

3.      Toilet cubicle doors and handles, walls and toilet roll dispensers.

4.      Mirrors, sinks, taps and soap dispensers and any other worktops.

5.      Hand dryers and splashbacks.

6.      Urinals and surrounding walls.

7.      Floors.

8.      Washroom entrance door and handles.

Urinals and the surrounding areas should be cleaned daily. If it is not done daily the build-up of urine will lead to bad smells throughout your toilets. For obvious reasons, if a toilet has been used for diarrhoea or vomiting, this should be cleaned immediately. This will help reduce the spread of any viruses the user may have and also reduce bad smells.

Sanitary bin disposal

As set out by the Environmental Act, it is a legal requirement to provide staff with a hygienic place to dispose of sanitary waste in workplace bathrooms. It is also vital in maintaining a clean and pleasant bathroom for everybody.

Feminine hygiene products stored within units begin to decay after a period of time (pardon the pun). The product oxidises over time and caused a bad smell if not maintained regularly.

All of the sanitary bins provided by Hygienic Concepts are foot pedal operated, helping in reducing cross-contamination. The units also have a secure lid to help reduce odours escaping. On top of this bin liners are fragranced and our team of hygiene experts also sprinkle a deodoriser to help.

Sanitary waste disposal units should be cleaned and maintained regularly and are essential to maintaining an odour-free washroom.

How do air fresheners work?

Air freshener works by masking and deodorising the odour. To do so, the air freshener molecules wrap around the particles in the air causing the smell. By enveloping the molecules of the bad smells, they can cover it and prevent it from emitting further scents. The density of the air freshener molecules also serves to weigh and bring down the particles in the air causing the bad smell, preventing the smelly air from diffusing further.

An air freshener refers to a device that dispenses scented air into an environment to make the space smell fresh, or to add a pleasant fragrance to the air. They come in many forms such as means of a portable spray, scented gels, and even wall-mounted automatic devices that dispense the liquid or at every set interval. Overall, their functionalities include masking odours in washrooms or adding a freshness to the environment.

Reasons why air fresheners are essential to your washroom and business.

All businesses, small, medium and large have bad odours floating around. These smells can come from almost anything that is in and around the business. From personal hygiene to washroom facilities, bad smells are everywhere. Removing these odours can be a challenge especially those that linger for too long and keep coming back.

Malodours can result in lost business and leave a bad impression on your customers and visitors. When people enter your premises they do not want to be greeted with the smell of waste that is out the back waiting to be taken away or urine from the men’s washroom.

Good business image.

A clean and pleasantly fragranced business is key to maintaining a good business image. Studies have shown that pleasant scents are key to creating good, lasting impressions of a company on an individual. Fragrances prove to customers that the business is clean and maintained.

Different fragrances can be used in certain areas of the business to ensure the visitors’ experience is a good one. Certain scents can also increase sales, for example, supermarkets may have the smell of baking bread throughout the store which in turn can help in the buying decision.

Remove malodours

Bad smells can be detrimental to a business so removing them is key. Finding the cause can sometimes be harder than you think. The best thing to do is to keep the areas of your business that are commonly known to produce foul scents clean and maintained daily. To overcome bad smells you should install air products in all areas of the business with fragrances that counteract the bad smell.

Set the ambience

Different fragrances are better suited to certain areas of your business. Citrus fragrances are ideal for the washrooms as they cut through the smell of urine leaving it smelling clean and fresh. Visitors that use your toilets want the feeling of cleanliness when they enter.

Another example would be if your business is in the hospitality industry, you may want to set an appetite-stimulating atmosphere across the restaurant. This creates a well-rounded experience for your guests that appeals to and entices them. The customer experience should flow all the way into the washrooms. If your washroom smells the opposite of the atmosphere you are trying to achieve, it creates a negative impression in regards to hygiene and sanitation.

Washroom User Experience

A poll found that on average people spend one hour and 42 minutes a week, or almost 92 days over a lifetime on the toilet. It is a place where users visit daily to go to the toilet but also to take a breather from the somewhat busy day to day life. Your washrooms need to ensure customers feel safe and clean.

Along with regular cleaning and maintenance, another great way to increase customer satisfaction is to introduce air freshening products that not only remove bad smells but also create a sense of cleanliness.

If you are unsure what fragrances should be used in the washroom get in touch our team of experts are more than happy to help and advise, ensuring your business has the right tools for the job.

Washroom aesthetics

As a business owner you have created a modern and contemporary front but what about the washroom? As this is an area of the business that almost all of your visitors will go to, isn’t it only right that you make sure it looks as good as your front?

Sanitary bins, urinal dosing, soap dispensers and air fresheners the list is endless. All products within the washroom look great when they match, they also look better when they fit your colour scheme. Hygienic Concepts provide a range of products in different colours to best suit your requirements. All products help enhance the overall appearance of washrooms and customer impressions.

Where to find air fresheners?

Choosing and maintaining odour control products independently can be quite a task especially if you are a business. Hygienic Concepts provide bespoke commercial air fresheners nationwide. We take care of product maintenance and replenish fragrances leaving you to enjoy clean and fresh scents throughout your business.

One of our recommended products is the Sensamist®. The diffuser utilizes advanced atomizer technology to create a fine mist of fragrance which is then diffused into the environment.

For more information on air care services click here or contact us.