What is biological cleaning within the business washroom?

Throughout the year, traffic to business washrooms can be extravagant, with some businesses welcoming over a million people each week.

Biological Cleaning

When visiting a commercial washroom we all take the facilities available for granted. Many of us will only remember those toilets if they are dirty and unpleasant, which really is a shame. Cleaners work hard to ensure the customer’s visit to the toilet is a good one, by keeping all surfaces clean.

The traditional approach to commercial cleaning usually involves the use of a succession of hazardous cleaning products and hard work. These products pollute the air inside business washrooms and can eventually damage the surfaces they are intended to clean. They are responsible for pollution in the wider environment because of the way they are manufactured, packaged and transported. Biological cleaning products, such as Uri-bug™, are helping cleaners around the UK change, so the future of our environment is clean and green.

Why do we clean?

Throughout history methods of cleaning have been used by both humans and animals. To keep not only their bodies free from dirt and grime, but also their surroundings where they live, eat and sleep.

There is a natural understanding, of the need to remain clean. Although today, hygiene products are either taken for granted or sold as luxury items, keeping clean is our way of self-preservation followed by appearance. We know, just like the Ancient Romans, that dirt, soiling and grime will lead to odour, infection and illness if not cleaned.

Bacteria have been present in our ecosystem since the beginning of time. Not much was known about bacteria until its discoveries in the 1600s. Bacteria have been present our whole existence and are responsible for both creating and taking away life along with viruses.

The difference between bacteria and viruses is that bacteria are free-living cells that can live inside or outside a body. Whereas viruses are a non-living collection of molecules that need a host to survive.

Our world as we know it is full of bacteria. Bacteria or microbes exist everywhere. From soil and lakes through to in the air and everything in between. We could not exist without them as they are needed to break down and decompose waste. However, they aren’t just all-consuming, they are also microscopic recycling powerhouses turning organic waste into carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous which will then be used to create new life.

The science behind biological cleaning

Over time scientists have developed a way to use bacteria to clean surfaces around the home and business. Biological cleaning products contain waste and odour-eating microbes to help combat different areas.

A biological cleaning product is effectively a live solution crammed full of biodegradable surfactants, water and most importantly, 100% natural and safe bacteria. Once the solution is applied to a surface, the bacteria get straight to work to degrade fats, oils, grease and organic grime converting them into oxygen and other useful compounds. This process is sometimes referred to in the industry as biotechnology.

When biological cleaning products such as Uri-bug™ are used, the bacteria start to reproduce rapidly when they come into contact with a food source (dirt). As they reproduce and digest organic waste they out-perform any pathogenic (bad) bacteria. This out-performing then halts the growth and spread of bad bacteria until the good bacteria fully take over. Ridding surfaces of almost any trace of dirt, odour and bad bacteria.

The bacteria from the solution will then lay dormant until a food source enters; this is referred to as a biofilm, where they will reactivate to remove pathogenic bacteria. Continuous cleaning with biological cleaners ensures the microbes within the cleaning products are topped up and ready to get to work.

If chemical products are used after the use of a biological cleaner, the biofilm will die and break down leaving your washrooms open to malodours and blockages. It only takes one untrained cleaner to ruin all of your hard biotech work.

Cleaner training and knowledge

Washroom hygiene can make or break any business. Your washroom facilities leave lasting impressions on your customers and clients and if in a poor state can lead to loss of sales. As mentioned above in this post, biological cleaners are manufactured to not only be environmentally friendly but also remove bad bacteria that can lead to unhygienic washroom conditions.

As with any biological cleaning product, staff need to be educated on how the product works. We previously mentioned not using toxic chemicals with the product as it will render the bioproduct void. This will result in unhygienic washrooms and unhappy visitors.

Biological Washroom Cleaner

Hygienic Concepts are proud to announce that we have a range of products that are naturally derived and/or biological. The Uri-bug™ biological washroom cleaner can be used on all surfaces in the washroom environment. Surfaces include toilets, urinals, floors, toilet cubicles, hand dryers, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, in fact, Uri-bug™ is easy to clean with and safe to use on anything within the washroom.

For more information on a biological product or how we use Uri-bug™ to combat issues in the washroom, please get in touch our team are always on had to answer any query you may have.