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Uri-bug™ Urinal Systems

How It Works

Uri-bug™ blocks contain colony forming bacteria in their dormant state. Once activated by urine, they come out of dormancy and get to work. The bacteria will find an area with suitable levels of oxygen where it will germinate and colonise to form a Biofilm. This is a complex structure which attaches itself to the internal pipe surfaces consisting of colonies of good bacteria where it will flourish and outnumber the bad bacteria to establish competitive exclusion.

The bacteria in our blocks have been subjected to a comprehensive screening programme by our microbiologist to determine it is the best strain for the job.  As soon as the bacteria begin to multiply, it will secrete enzymes in order to digest the available food source in this case urinal blockages. Uri-bug™ bacteria produce Uricase enzymes, which are responsible for the breakdown of the uric salts making them water soluble so that they can be washed away. The enzyme, Protease is also present and enables the bacteria to digest protein matters (organic substances).

The Superior bacteria we exploit within the urinal system is a living breeding life form and is highly sensitive to change in PH or oxygen levels, this can have a detrimental effect upon the structure of the organism, to alleviate this issue it is imperative the system is serviced on a regular basis. Hygienic Concepts Engineers will visit site on a monthly schedule doing a full clear and replenishment of cartridge ensuring optimum breeding levels are sustained at all times.

Any form of disinfectant type chemicals or bleaches will also interfere with the molecular formation even killing it off completely, rendering the whole product ineffectual. We provide a bioactive liquid that compliments and supports the Uri-bug system.  Full training is available as it is essential this product is used in place of other non-bio cleaners.

How Can Uri-bug Help Your Business

Reduce blockages

Upon install, Hygienic Concepts acid wash and clean all visible pipework, Our engineers will fully check and report any build up further down the main stack of which they cannot access, Site will be made aware of any findings and advised on removal as to a ascertain complete clear pipe system

Reduce Malodours

As we clean all visible pipework, it leaves optimum breeding grounds for the ‘good’ bacteria (encouraged by the Uri-bug liquids and the regular service/maintenance) this depletes the growth of pathogens (smelly bacteria) within the pipework so no foul gases return to the atmosphere, Uri-bug liquids can be also used to break down uric/protein build-up on tiles/walls/floors as it finds a way into cracks and crevices and naturally eats away debris not reached by harmful chemical based products

Save Money

As we encourage the growth of ‘good bacteria within the pipework, the system is not required to continually flush, this is controlled by the Uri-bug digital water manager, serviced and maintained by our engineers, it is manually checked monthly and reduced as to coincide with footfall to get maximum potential from the Uri-bug system, We aim to reduce flushes to as low as 4 x per day minimum, saving £££’s into the fact, add to the savings on Plumber call outs, time reduction of site maintenance men constantly having to deal with blocked pipework and not having to purchase numerous cleaning chemicals Uri-bug can be extremely financially beneficial.

Sustainability and Environmental

The cleaning industry are constantly under scrutiny regarding environmental impact from chemical overuse, by flushing certain cleaning products through our washroom areas, chemicals react with other minerals and elements to form a host of dangerous toxins. These toxins including dioxins, furams and PCDD’s are often referred to as ‘persistent organic pollutants’ because they linger in the water or soil and take many years to disappear.   Greenpeace calls dioxins one of the most dangerous chemicals known to science and warns that it can contribute to cancer, endocrine disorder and other serious health effects. In fact, university studies have found dioxins are linked to low sperm count, testicular cancer and breast cancer due to their ability to mimic human hormones.  That is without the dreadful impact these toxins have on our wildlife and marine life.

The strains of bacteria present within the Uri-bug system do not pose any danger to humans or natural life. In fact they are beneficial to the environment, once flushed into the natural watercourse, they continue to release their enzymes who in turn digest organic debris they continue multiplying until  all food sources are depleted or reach salt water, where they will die or revert back to their dormant state, having no detrimental impact on marine life or surrounding habitats.

Added Protection & Monthly Maintenance

Essential Monthly Maintenance

The Uri-bug™ vessel must be replaced on a monthly basis to ensure its effectiveness. The imperative monthly replacement cycle replenishes the biofilm for the good bacteria to thrive in.

For our monthly service customers, engineers will also carry out checks on pipework for any uric salt or limescale build up and adjust flushing accordingly.

With the correct servicing and cleaning, pipework will remain clear, free flowing and be smelling clean and fresh. Leaving you with a pleasant washroom experience.

Added protection for all your washroom areas

For optimum results, we strongly recommend utilising our best of the best Uri-bug™ liquids in all your washroom areas. Suitable for all surface types and available in handy containers there is no need to purchase any other cleaning product, thus saving you storage space, time, money and the environment. Our engineers will even deliver your liquid when they come to service, so no delivery costs to incur.

Simple to use with fantastic results, so let us help you send that bad bacteria packing.

Cleaning has never been so easy. Simply mop the floor with a diluted solution, then just walk away. For surfaces, just spray and wipe down with a damp cloth, it really is that simple, Uribug™ does the hard work for you. The same way Uribug™ works inside pipes, our cleaning liquids will also create that special biofilm on surfaces keeping it protected and smelling fresher for longer. It’s just like having your own little cleaning army on standby, they attack when needed.

Water Management Systems Speak to an expert Water Management

Water Management Systems

By law, all urinals must flush at least every twenty minutes as stated by Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) regulations. This is unless they have a water management system installed.

Our water management systems are designed to drastically reduce water usage. This is done by eliminating unnecessary water wastage. Water Management Systems also help the environment and maintain superb hygiene levels, which is important when dealing with all janitorial supplies.

Water management systems can be set as low as 4 flushes per day. They can also be set to suit the customer’s needs, whatever the traffic flow and usage of your washrooms.

Some of our systems can be set to reduce water usage by 90%. Water is then only flushing at busy periods and saving water at night when they are not required.

All our water managers are fitted, tested and serviced by our WRAS approved service engineers and are continually maintained to ensure maximum hygiene levels are achieved and water consumption is set to suit the requirements. All our units are battery operated and as our service engineers change batteries when required, there are no running costs.



Our expert WRAS accredited engineers will visit your premises at your convenience and will ensure that your water management system is properly installed and fully functional. We will work with you to schedule regular visits in order to maintain your water manager to confirm that it is still working to its maximum efficiency and keeping your urinals hygienic whilst reducing the amount of water that is being used. By choosing Hygienic Concepts as your Water Management System partner you are guaranteed a hassle-free experience and you can be safe in the knowledge that you are not only keeping your washrooms clean and sanitary but also doing your part for the environment.


One of the most frequent questions we are asked is “how much will my water management system cost to run?”. At Hygienic Concepts, all of our water managers are battery powered and these will be replaced when our engineers visit for the regular maintenance. This means that the running cost is zero. It also means that there is very little disturbance when installing the water manager.

WC and urinal dosing systems Speak to an expert WC & Urinal Dosing

WC & Urinal Hygiene Dosing Systems

WC & urinal sanitizing systems are designed to clean pipes and urinals to prevent malodours and the build-up of bacteria, limescale, and uric acid. The units sanitize areas where normal cleaning cannot reach. WC & urinal sanitizing systems are installed and fully serviced by our WRAS trained engineers.

The auto sanitizer provides the customer with an automatic and continuous touch-free hygiene maintenance program for toilets and urinals, 24-hours a day. It is the ideal system for maintaining well cared for washrooms. Automatic constant and continuous cleaning of all ceramic surfaces exposed to flushing and actively attacks hard water and mineral deposits. It reduces and prevents scale and stains from forming and kills germs.

Designed for washrooms with a header tank servicing multiple urinals, the tank auto flush can be installed independently to work as a water management system providing 30 or 60 minute flushes 12 or 24 hours a day. It delivers a constant, and cost effective performance and long term maintenance free operation.

The auto hygiene systems combine the tank auto flush with the auto sanitizer to deliver a solution to washrooms where the water consumption needs to be reduced without compromising hygiene standards. The auto sanitizer unit dispenses bio-purinel formulation directly into the header tank at pre-programmed intervals. This will then deliver millions of grams positive CFUs which continue to double every 20 minutes. With each flush, the increased CFUs are delivered into the urinals where they feed on the uric scale build-up in traps, pipes, and drains.

Units provide flexible timing and programming options allowing you to reduce and fix your costs and match the chemical delivery and maintenance level to suit each individual washroom. This is ideal if, in your establishment, one wash room sees more use than another.



Our dosing systems are fully programmable and automate a large proportion of the hygienic upkeep of your washrooms. The operator (with the help of one of our fully trained technicians who will help install your system) is able to programme the number of days the system is in operation and the times it should start and finish each day meaning that it is only in operation when needed and, because of this, there are no wasted resources.


The automatic cleaning and dosing system is the perfect solution for keeping your Urinals and WC clean. It is an ideal addition to any communal washroom that may experience high visitor numbers. The programmable features and other technical aspects mean that it is a very low maintenance item whilst also being highly effective at stopping the build-up of Uric Acid salts, as well as bacteria and limescale.

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