Do your urinals cause you problems?

♦ Unpleasant lingering odours

♦ Blocked Pipework – Flooded Washrooms

♦ Limescale Build Up

♦ Continuous flushing urinals
Working with you to save you money & the Environment
Why mask smells when you can prevent them
Stop paying for unnecessary plumbing bills
Reduce your carbon footprint & your water consumption

 Eliminate all unpleasant odours & blockages from your Urinals & washrooms for good!

Investigations show the chemical makeup of some Bio Sleeves, urinal blocks or urinal cakes that are installed in urinals consist of 95% soap content with very minimal bacteria content, so in fact they are not actually doing the job they are intended to do, in reality they are just adding to the problem and not resolving one. These Bio Sleeves will create more limescale build up in pipework and will only mask the foul odours that come from urinals, instead of treating the cause. Over time this limescale builds up and eventually blocks pipework causing no end of problems, and with problems comes a price! Even at the point of a new installation, most urinals are not cleared properly, so build up and smells often return very quickly, and when servicing only occurs 1-4 times per annum this does not aid the issue.

The Hygienic Concept system is a whole lot different

“The Sciency Bit”
We love our Good Bacteria, and you will too!
The bacteria in the Uri-bug has been put through a comprehensive screening programme by our micro biologists to determine their abilities and ensure they are the best strain of bacteria to combat the main issue in urinals – uric salt build ups.
There are 500 million CFB (Colony Forming Bacteria) per micro millimeter.  The bacteria form a Bio film within the pipe work which will then attack and break down the pathogen bacteria and soften uric salts.
The bacteria will eventually return to its dormant state having absolutely no detrimental impact on our marine life or environment.

We Guarantee You Will…

  • Save Money by reducing water wastage
  • Help reduce chemical impact upon the environment
  • Get rid of any unwanted blockages and odours

“How It Works”
Male urine contains a high volume of Uric Salts, a crystalline substance that can form to become as dense as concrete. This substance is what causes blockages and foul odours to occur. However, when urine comes into contact with our Uri-bug™sleeve, the urine softens and travels down the pipes with the live bacteria. The Bacteria will then attack the urine particles and break them up. The bacteria will then form a Bio Film with in the pipework, which will also help attack and breakdown Uric Salts.  It will then be washed away  when the water manager flushes the cistern, thus keeping your pipes clear and free flowing.