Water Management Systems

Water Management System

By law, all urinals must flush at least every twenty minutes as stated by Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) regulations. This is unless they have a water management system installed.

Our water management systems are designed to drastically reduce water usage. This is done by eliminating unnecessary water wastage. Water Management Systems also help the environment and maintain superb hygiene levels, which is important when dealing with all janitorial supplies.

Water management systems can be set as low as 4 flushes per day. They can also be set to suit the customer’s needs, whatever the traffic flow and usage of your washrooms.

Some of our systems can be set to reduce water usage by 90%. Water is then only flushing at busy periods and saving water at night when they are not required.

All our water managers are fitted, tested and serviced by our WRAS approved service engineers and are continually maintained to ensure maximum hygiene levels are achieved and water consumption is set to suit the requirements. All our units are battery operated and as our service engineers change batteries when required, there are no running costs.

Benefits of Water Management

Reduce Cost

Reduce Usage

High Quality

Meets Government Standards

Why choose a Water Management System?

Fully Fitted & Tested Units

Our expert WRAS accredited engineers will visit your premises at your convenience and will ensure that your water management system is properly installed and fully functional. We will work with you to schedule regular visits in order to maintain your water manager to confirm that it is still working to its maximum efficiency and keeping your urinals hygienic whilst reducing the amount of water that is being used. By choosing Hygienic Concepts as your Water Management System partner you are guaranteed a hassle-free experience and you can be safe in the knowledge that you are not only keeping your washrooms clean and sanitary but also doing your part for the environment.

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Battery Powered Units

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is “how much will my water management system cost to run?”. At Hygienic Concepts, all of our water managers are battery powered and these will be replaced when our engineers visit for the regular maintenance. This means that the running cost is zero. It also means that there is very little disturbance when installing the water manager.

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