Water Cooler & Water Dispenser Services

Hygienic Concepts supply a broad range of water coolers varying in price and features. Our water coolers provide safe drinking water to businesses and people throughout the UK and are a cheaper alternative to bottled water. We are committed to providing a unique service supplying water cooling systems and as a result, our supply chain has enabled us to be able to supply and install these systems throughout the UK. Working closely with our distributors and courier services, Hygienic Concepts provide a unique reliable cost effective service, helping you to deliver the freshest, cleanest water.

Our mains fed water coolers with the latest water cooler technology offer an all-round solution to hydrating staff in the workplace. Customers do not need to worry about carrying, storing or lifting heavy water bottles for bottled water coolers as water is fed directly from your own water pipes, providing a constant supply to our water dispensers and saving you money in the process. Choose Hygienic Concepts as the company to provide your Water Cooler and you are guaranteed a quality product.

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Mains Fed Water Coolers

Take a look at some of the reasons companies across the UK are choosing us…

Reliable, Quality Designed Water Dispensers

As a cheaper alternative to bottled water, a mains fed water cooler or water dispenser can be a fantastic addition to any office. At Hygienic Concepts, we provide a range of water coolers in a number of different styles and options. The water dispensers we stock are modern in design to fit in with even the most contemporary of office and some can provide not just cold but hot water too! They have also been made to a high standard meaning, even with repeated use, the unit will remain in excellent condition.

Water Cooler Maintenance

We offer a discreet and hassle-free maintenance service to help in prolonging the life of your water cooler. Our maintenance engineers will visit your premises at a time that is convenient to you and ensure your water cooler is working optimally and they will also thoroughly clean and disinfect the inside and outside of the unit and replace filters as necessary. Due to the fact, our water coolers are not bottled water coolers you also do not need to wait for the delivery of replacements when you have run out. Contact Us to see how we can help you.