Uri-bug™ & Uri-bug™ Urinal Systems

Uri-bug™ & Uri-bug™ Urinal Systems

At some point, everyone will have experienced the foul smell that comes from the mens washroom, whether its directly within the washroom or just outside. The commonly associated malodour is sometimes looked on as the norm and believe the only way to resolve the issue is to overdose and smother washrooms with air fresheners which in reality is just masking the smell and underlying cause. Urinal problems do not just stop there, issues such as limescale build up, blocked pipework, under and over of flushing urinals are all problems that can be experienced with urinals, all of which can end up to be very costly to a business in time and money.

The actual cause of these issues is the failure to break down uric salts which collate and condense in pipework. Over time these uric salts build up and solidify in pipework to such a state they set as dense as concrete, and this causes the pipes to block and odours to back feed.

You may think there is no resolution to these problems, but here at Hygienic Concepts we have the solution.

Ur-ine for a big surprise!

As part of our continuous business development, we continue to invest our time and effort into developing products essential to maintaining a pleasant washroom experience for all our customers to enjoy, and that’s why we stand out from your ordinary providers.

“We love our bacteria and you will too”

How can the Uribug help you?

Uribug™ Urinal Sleeve

Uribug™ biologic enzyme urinal inserts will minimise lingering urinal odour with its unique odour lock design. The bio enzyme dome contains multiple colonising bacteria each breeding to produce billions of enzymes, 5 times more than current leading inserts. Uribug™ aids in breaking down the organic matter to make it more soluble and easier to flush away to stop any build up forming on surfaces and pipework.

Digital Water Management

The Hygienic Digital Water management system is designed to drastically reduce water consumption by eliminating unnecessary and expensive water wastage. Not only does it reduce water consumption, but will also help reduce your costs too.

Uribug™ Enzyme Dosing System

The Uribug™ enzyme dosing system will inject a concentrated measure of liquid with every flush, clearing down pipes and sanitising the bowl working in harmony with the Uri-bug sleeve to boost the bio film within the pipes. The liquid contains special surfactants to protect ceramic urinals from discolouration.

Do your urinals cause you problems?

We are all conscientious of having clean and fresh washrooms as well as the importance of maintaining a high level of hygiene especially when these areas are frequently visited by customers & visitors.

First impressions count, and having an inviting clean hygienic washroom helps build the customers confidence of the cleanliness of the business as a whole. Even more so within hospitality and food industries, as the washroom will automatically create an impression to the rest of the establishment, so unclean and smelly washrooms could lead to the impression of unclean, unhygienic kitchens, something that can be very detrimental to a business.

Using Uribug™ across your washroom will aid in building your customers confidence that you are providing the best and highest standard of hygiene possible, providing them with the added assurance they are in safe hands and are cared for.

Innovative product

With the assistance of microbiologists, we have designed an innovating new product that will significantly improve your urinal performance with the use of good bacteria. An environmentally friendly, non chemical biological product that uses a natural, preventative approach to keeping pipes clear and working, contributing to protecting the environment for future generations without the need of using toxic chemicals, so you can say goodbye to embarrassing odours once and for all.

Uribug™, developed with the washroom in mind contains multiple specialised colony forming bacteria that breaks down the pathogenic bacteria to make it more soluble and easier to flush away. Not only that, but as the Uribug is flushed through the pipework it creates a biofilm attaching itself to surfaces to offer added protection. This special film will lay dormant on surfaces until it comes back into contact with the bad bacteria, then Uribug comes back to life working its magic to break down the matter and stops it from adhering to surfaces that would normally create build up. For added assurance, our unique odour lock urinal sleeve stops any malodours.

Uribug™ saves you time and money reducing those expensive plumbing call outs. Not only that, flushing can also be turned down to as low as four flushes a day saving you even more money as water consumption is dramatically reduced.

Choosing between killing things off with harsh chemicals or recycling waste naturally with live good bacteria. It’s not a hard choice to make.

Essential Monthly Maintenance

The Uri-bug™ vessel must be replaced on a monthly basis to ensure its effectiveness. The imperative monthly replacement cycle replenishes the biofilm for the good bacteria to thrive in.

For our monthly service customers, engineers will also carry out checks on pipework for any uric salt or limescale build up and adjust flushing accordingly.

With the correct servicing and cleaning, pipework will remain clear, free flowing and be smelling clean and fresh. Leaving you with a pleasant washroom experience.

Added protection for all your washroom areas

For optimum results, we strongly recommend utilising our best of the best Uri-bug™ liquids in all your washroom areas. Suitable for all surface types and available in handy containers there is no need to purchase any other cleaning product, thus saving you storage space, time, money and the environment. Our engineers will even deliver your liquid when they come to service, so no delivery costs to incur.

Simple to use with fantastic results, so let us help you send that bad bacteria packing.

Cleaning has never been so easy. Simply mop the floor with a diluted solution, then just walk away. For surfaces, just spray and wipe down with a damp cloth, it really is that simple, Uribug™ does the hard work for you. The same way Uribug™ works inside pipes, our cleaning liquids will also create that special biofilm on surfaces keeping it protected and smelling fresher for longer. It’s just like having your own little cleaning army on standby, they attack when needed.

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