Water Management Systems

By law, all urinals must flush at least every twenty minutes as stated by Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) regulations. This is unless they have a water management system installed.

Our water management systems are designed to drastically reduce water usage. This is done by eliminating unnecessary water wastage. Water Management Systems also help the environment and maintain superb hygiene levels, which is important when dealing with all janitorial supplies.

Water management systems can be set as low as 2 flushes per day. They can also be set to suit the customers needs, whatever the traffic flow and usage of your washrooms.

Some of our systems can be set to reduce water usage by 90%. Water is then only flushing at busy periods and saving water at night when they are not required.

  • Our service engineers fit and test all our water management systems.
  • We offer maximum hygiene standards as well as minimum costs.
  • All our units are battery operated so they cost nothing to run.