Water Cooler Services

Hygienic Concepts supply a broad range of water coolers varying in price and features. Our water coolers provide safe drinking water to businesses and people throughout the UK. We are committed to providing a unique service supplying water cooling systems and as a result our supply chain has enabled us to be able to supply these systems throughout the UK (nationwide) for only a small delivery charge. By working closely with our distributors and courier services, Hygienic Concepts are also able to provide a unique service, but a cost effective one as part of their janitorial supplies.

Our mains fed water coolers with the latest water cooler technology offer an all-round solution to hydrating staff in the work place. Customers do not need to worry about carrying or lift heavy water bottles. In the process, money is saved.

Our Water Cooler Service Provides…
  • Unlimited use
  • A smart, robust unit
  • Clean, safe drinking water
  • Sanitisation inside and out each service
  • Regular filter change