Uri-bug™ and The Uri-bug™ system

Do your urinals cause you problems?

Have you experienced this?
Likely causes
Blocked Pipework
Unpleasant Odours

Limescale Build Up
Investigations show the chemical makeup of some Bio Sleeves that are installed in urinals consist of 98% soap content with very minimal bacteria content, so in fact they are not actually doing the job they are intended to do, they are in reality just creating a problem and not resolving one. These Bio Sleeves will just create more limescale build up in pipework and only mask the foul odours that come from urinals, instead of treating the cause. Over time this limescale builds and eventually blocks pipework causing no end of problems, and with problems comes a price! Even at the point of a new installation, most urinals are not cleared properly, so build up and smells often return very quickly and when servicing only occurs 1-4 times per annum this does not address the issue.
Did you know…

Water regulations now state some form of water management must be fitted to all newly installed urinals, unfortunately building contractors generally fit inadequate ‘cheap’ units that fail within the first 6 months of install, leaving sites with either a constant flush or a non-flushing cistern, because of this, sites are either reducing water consumption but causing severe issues with blocked pipes and foul smelling urinals or literally flushing thousands of pounds away every year.

The Hygienic Concept system is a whole lot different
♦ We have the only solution on the market that ACTUALLY works!


♦ Eliminate unpleasant odours


♦ Prevent limescale build up that leads to blockages in your Urinals


♦ No more masking smells with chemicals


♦ Abolish unnecessary plumbing bills


♦ Reduce your flushes to 4 times a day


With our system in place not only will you help protect the environment and reduce your carbon footprint, but you will also SAVE time & money on your water consumption too

Uri-bug™ and the Uri-bug™ system


What is Uri-Bug™

  • A product of extensive research development and testing development
  • The best strain of bacteria to combat the main culprit uric salts build up
  • The block is made up of salt therefore making it water soluble, unlike many other competitors that are made up of 98% soap
  • Contains a small number of surfactants and 500 million colonies forming bacteria units per gram
  • Enables flushes to be turned down to as little as 4 a day
  • No chemical impact on the environment
  • A natural, preventative approach to keeping pipes clear and working
  • Pose no detrimental effect on our marine life

The Uri-bug™ System consists of 3 elements

Digital Water Management 

The Hygienic Digital Water management system is designed to drastically reduce water consumption by eliminating unnecessary and expensive water wastage. 

Our fully WRAS qualified engineers will set this system to specifically cater for your site needs, checking and altering on a monthly basis, reducing water consumption by up to 90% but maintaining a healthy flow.

Uri-bug™ Enzyme Dosing System

The Uri-bug enzyme dosing system will inject a concentrated measure of liquid with every flush, clearing down pipes and cleaning and sanitising the bowl working in harmony with the Uri-bug sleeve to boost the bio film within the pipes. The liquid contains surfactants to protect the ceramic urinals from discoloration.

Uri-bug™ Urinal Sleeve

Hygienic Uri-bug Bio enzyme urinal inserts will minimise lingering urinal odour with its patented odour lock design. The bio enzyme dome contains 500 million colonising bacteria per micro millilitre each breeding to produce billions of enzymes – current leading sleeves contain 10 million.

There’s Method in the Menthol

Uri-bug™ Bio enzyme urinal inserts will minimise lingering urinal odours with its patented odour lock design. The bio enzyme dome contains 500 million colonising bacteria per micro millilitre, each breeding to produce billions of enzymes whereby most current leading sleeves only contain 10 million.

The bacteria forms a bio film within the pipe work which then attacks and breaks down the pathogenic bacteria. It also softens the uric salt and lime scale rendering it pliable and soluble within the pipes, allowing it to be washed away each time the water manager flushes the cistern, thus keeping your pipes clear and free flowing.

The bacteria will eventually return to its dormant state having absolutely no detrimental impact on our marine life or environment, until it is reactivated, and then the cycle starts again.

The only other components within the dome are a small amount of surfactant and water soluble salts to bind


Our unique, patented Uri-bug™ sleeve and vessel can be cut to fit any standard fitting;
♦ Standard traps
♦ U Bends
♦ Concealed or trough urinals


Essential Monthly Maintenance

The Uri-bug™ vessel must be replaced each month to ensure its effective which is carried out at each monthly service

The monthly replacement cycle replenishes the bio-film for the good bacteria to thrive in

Engineers check pipes for any uric salt and scale build up. This will also determine the volume of usage of the toilets, and water flow is adjusted accordingly.

Urinal flushes can then be turned down to as little as 4 flushes a day

Added protection for all your washroom areas

For optimum results, we strongly recommend utilising our best of the best Uri-bug™ liquids in all your washroom areas.  Ideal for all surface types and available in handy containers there really is no need to purchase any other cleaning product, thus saving you storage space, time and money and the environment. Our engineers will even deliver your liquid when they come to service, so no delivery costs to incur.

So, simple to use yet with fantastic results – Send that bad bacteria packing

It really is as easy as 1,2,3. Simply mop the floor with a diluted solution, then just walk away. For surfaces simply spray and wipe that really is all you need to do. Then sit back and relax and let Uri-bug do the hard work, KILL BACTERIA.

The unique formula means it starts to work immediately as it creates a Bio-Film on the surface which keeps it protected and smelling fresher for longer. Once any Bacteria starts to develop the Uri-bug™ then reactivates itself and stops the bad bacteria in its tracks.  As long as it is left to start work and not washed away by other cleaning chemicals or bleaches you will see the results and we know you will be satisfied with the results.

Our range includes,

5L container with an easy pump dispenser for floor cleaning

750ml trigger spray for handy surface cleaning

750ml swan neck bottle suitable for toilet rims and urinal bowls.

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