Electric Hand Dryer

Hygienic Concepts offers a varied range of electric hand dryers which can be hand operated or automatic. Designs are available to suit all washroom styles. Various colours are available including white, grey, chrome and brushed steel. Various types are available for the customer’s preference. Types include plain white steel cased dryers for simplicity, powerful e-flow dryers and stylish chrome automatic dryers for exclusive washrooms. We even offer vertical automatic ‘Dyson Airblade Style’ for a fast and cost effective hand dryer.

Our hand dryers are part of a much larger portfolio of janitorial supplies and machines. Contact us today to find out more!

Linen Roller Towel

Hygienic Concepts can provide and fit roller towel cabinets to eliminate paper waste if required. Towels can be blue or white depending on the customer’s preference and are changed periodically by our service engineers. As a result, these provide an effective, hygienic, cost effective hand drying system compared to paper systems. They are also an excellent solution where electric spur points are not available for hand dryers. Roller towels will also eliminate problems with re-stocking, storage and refilling of paper towels dispensers.

  • Economical – up to 90% of costs reduced compared to other systems. No more ordering, storing, refilling or disposing of products. Dryers are robust and stylish with very short drying times and low rated power delivery. Some dryers are as little as 1.2kw so are very efficient.
  • Environmentally Friendly – There is no need for constant streams of paper towels being disposed of daily. No waste is generated compared to other drying systems and noise levels are also low
  • Maintenance – The customer does not need to maintain the product in any way. There are no items to refill or replace. Our service engineers will install and maintain periodically to ensure no problems occur.