Why Do You Need A Hygienic Concepts Dust Mat?

Research has shown that most of the dust and dirt in a building is because of pedestrian traffic bringing it in. Placed and serviced correctly the entrance dust mats can stop over 70% of dust, dirt and also moisture that would otherwise enter the building. Our higher quality coloured mats are nitrile rubber backed which is chemical & oil resistant and resists cracking and curling in all types of weather.

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  • Customers can get mats in various sizes, i.e. 6’x4’, 5’x3’, 10’x3’, etc and can be plain grey or other standard colours to suit the environment.
  • The course nylon fibres create an excellent scraping and wiping action for maximum soil reduction. We can also offer logo mats to suit the customers preference. As a result it would give an excellent first impression for anyone entering your premises for the first time.
  • Dust Mats are based on the customers design and situated in areas specified by you.
  • All mats are sited and cleaned on a monthly basis and as a result are kept in great condition. One of our engineers will lift and lay wherever required.