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The high street is crowded with stores competing to create an enjoyable and memorable experience for customers. Clean and hygienic facilities are an important factor in your customers’ decision to return.

Those who manage shops and department stores need to consider the impact that hygiene and safety can have in their establishments. We have the products, services and experience to offer good hygiene standards and create a pleasant shopping experience.


Poor hygiene levels and unclean facilities are an important factor in the customers’ decision to return to a store. Reduce the length of stay and have a direct response in sales. Drives traffic to competitors with superior hygiene. At busy periods, drives people away as facilities cannot cope. Alienates some visitors by not providing for their needs. Poor reflection on brand image.

We take pride in delivering the highest levels of service to enable you to keep your organisation looking good, feeling healthy and most importantly, hygienic.

  • Structured Survey – We carry out a full hygiene survey of your premises, to identify germ hotspots and get a full understanding of your requirements.

  • Hygiene Education – Encouraging better hygiene amongst students and staff can be a difficult task. We are here to help and can provide you with materials to get the message across.

  • Based on Science – We know that what looks clean, is not necessarily hygienic and we can help you improve standards for your students and staff.

  • Excellent Service – Our service is dependable, friendly and discreet, delivering the best hygiene for your premises, including regular quality checks


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