Ebac Fleet Water Cooler – Mains Fed, Direct Chill & Dispense

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The Fleet cooler offers reliability alongside optimum performance. The fleet cooler incorporates direct Chill and Ice bank technology to offer excellent performance and simple sanitation methods. With a choice of water options including: Ambient and Chilled, Chilled and Hot, Cold Hot and Carbonated the Ebac fleet will offer customers the perfect drinking experience every time.

  • Packed with advanced features – direct chill, ice bank and direct dispense system
  • Reliable – excellent performance and easy cleaning
  • Fleet filtration system – reduce microbiological contamination
  • High quality drinking water – at the touch of a button

Customers have easier access to water with the higher level dispense point – no stooping or bending is required to dispense water. The duplex dispense nozzle prevents contamination – customers fingers and hands can never come into direct contact with the point of water dispense.


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  • Easy Change Filter Kit BSH010
  • Ice Bank Technology
  • Latest Refrigerated Gas
  • Direct Dispense
  • Direct Chill
  • High Dispense Point
  • Chilled and Ambient
  • The fleet water cooler delivers high quality drinking water at the touch of a button. This is a robust, reliable mains fed water cooler which will fit well into any environment, the Ebac fleet will offer customers the perfect drinking experience every time.
  • The Fleet is well engineered and designed to withstand what ever your customer can throw at it, request your sample today!!!
  • The Fleet provides unlimited, filtered chilled water on demand due to the incorporation of Ebac’s Direct dispense + technology.
  • As the growth of the mains-fed water cooler market continues, customers are increasingly citing concerns about sanitisation and contamination with mains fed Water coolers. With the Fleet now available, you can put your customers minds at rest. The fleet filtration system reduces the chance of microbiological contamination by 98% and is one of the safest mains fed cooler available on the market.


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