Office Cleaning: Areas everyone forgets to clean

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A lot of hands make light labour. Cleaning rotas and checklists are popular in smaller offices when teams share responsibilities. Cleaning the dishes, sweeping the floor, dusting the desks, window cleaning, carpet cleaning and so on.

But, let’s be honest, cleaning isn’t what your staff are there for. Even with the best intentions (and the ultimate office cleaning checklist), things go overlooked. Areas will be completely forgotten about – most likely till the day, you relocate to a different office.

There are numerous areas in the office that everyone forgets to clean – and a few that everyone thinks will simply disappear if they ignore them! Here are some of the most likely spots in the office to locate uncleaned surfaces.

Locations in the office that are least likely to get cleaned

Behind and beneath the containers

Office bins fill up quickly, but aside from a new bin liner every couple of weeks, they don’t get much care. Take a glance behind the bin the next time you toss away a tea bag or a banana peel. And, if you’re feeling particularly daring, the floor beneath it!

Fire extinguishers

Once a year, these lifesavers should be inspected and serviced. In an emergency, a dusty fire extinguisher will undoubtedly operate just as well as a clean one, but it won’t do much for the appearance of your office – so you might as well clean your fire extinguishers while you’re at it.

Light switches and buttons

In many offices, shabby light switches and lift buttons are commonplace. They may make an otherwise clean office appear worn and abandoned – and that filth is home to a frightening number of pathogens.

Small details can have a great impact. People in your office interact directly with the buttons on copiers, lifts, and light switches. Making sure they’re clean contributes to a pleasant experience. Don’t forget to dust the tops of the light switches as well.

The dishwashing machines

You don’t want a full sink at the end of the day because other employees didn’t bother to clean up after themselves. If your company has a dishwasher, you’ve solved the problem!

After a couple of years of being used twice or three times a day, your glasses and mugs have developed a unique, pond-like odour. And sometimes there are small sand particles adhering to them. Yuck.

Yes, they clean, but office dishwashers must also be cleaned. There’s generally a small mesh section with a drain that gathers food scraps – and this might fill up with a variety of things over time. Give it some attention and perform a self-clean cycle every now and again.

Extractors and vents

Since airflow directs dust particles to vent grates and extractor fan intakes, they can become quite dirty. We don’t pay much attention to these areas of an office, yet they might contribute to the overall dustiness of the environment. They can be difficult to reach at times, so make sure you have all of the cleaning supplies you’ll need, such as extended dusters and step ladders.

Window Blinds

Cleaning them can be a huge pain! Depending on the type of blinds and the equipment used, each cleaner has a different recommendation on how to clean office blinds. The only thing that matters is that they be dusted on a regular basis to avoid future work.

If your office’s blinds are dusty (typically because no one likes to clean them), be aware that this might lead to stickiness, demanding a much more thorough cleaning in the long run.

Under and behind office furniture

Office computers accumulate dust in part because they are stored beneath desks rather than on top of them.

Office furniture acts as a natural dust trap, limiting airflow and allowing particles to collect.

It is critical to inspect the spaces behind and under desks, filing cabinets, drawers, and office machines. These larger objects are rarely moved, which can lead to the formation of dust traps over time.

Out of sight, out of mind – but all that dust can be terrible for air quality and your office equipment, so make sure these areas are on your cleaning schedule.

Commercial cleaning services

A poorly kept workplace can become a breeding ground for bacteria and, if left uncontrolled, can spread illnesses throughout the entire business. Commercial cleaning services can be critical for making the workplace a more productive, pleasant, and comfortable place to work.

You should consider employing a local office cleaning company to ensure high standards of cleaning are met. Professional office cleaning operatives can come whenever you require


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