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Hand Dryers UK Systems

At Hygienic Concepts, we provide a range of hand drying systems, both electrical and manual solutions. Our range of commercial hand dryers cater to every washroom environment.

Each hand dryer is designed with cutting edge technology that leaves hands dry and your washroom cleaner and more efficient. Our range includes stainless steel hand dryers, budget hand dryers, high-speed blade hand dryers to suit your business working environment.

Our electrical hand dryers have been developed to be more hygienic, powerful, eco-friendly, energy-efficient and cost-effective for your washroom facilities. Alongside their technical benefits, our modern hand dryers have a stylish and contemporary design which will enhance the look of your public washroom. Automatic hand dryers can dry hands in 10-15 seconds, leaving the user feeling clean and fresh.

Manual drying solutions range from paper towel dispensers to manual towel roller cabinets. Each system is cleaned, disinfected and replenished on a monthly contract. Manual solutions are great for schools, healthcare and retail environments.


We have an exclusive range of hand dryers that are suitable for every single commercial washroom. Each unit is designed with cutting-edge technology that leaves hands dry in seconds.

We’ve revolutionised washroom facilities by installing products that are hygienic, powerful, eco-friendly and cost-effective. Alongside their technical benefits, the units have a stylish and contemporary design which can completely enhance the look of the washroom.


Electric hand dryers may not always be an option within your facilities, therefore, our roller towel dispenser is the ideal solution. The robust cabinet and strong towels are ideal for the busiest of environments, to manually dry hands thoroughly and conveniently. Regular servicing ensures hygienic standards are kept to the utmost levels, as every linen towel is replaced with a freshly washed towel upon every service.


The Compact Razor hand dryer is an excellent machine perfect for small washrooms. The dryer produces a low wind speed making it child-friendly. Due to the low wind speed, this also means sound levels are kept to a minimal. The Compact Razor is robust and easy to use. The dryer also has an on/off switch built into the side of the unit. This allows users in education to reduce costs when the dryer is not needed.

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On-site Hand dryers UK servicing

  • Hygienic Concepts engineers are all highly trained to install and maintain your hand dryers.
  • Hand dryers are cleaned inside and out.
  • Manual hand drying solutions such as paper towel dispensers and roller towel cabinets are cleaned and replenished.
  • All hand-drying systems are left sparkling clean and ready for the next user.

Hand Dryer Legislation

Businesses throughout the UK are required to comply with the Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992. You as a business must provide a suitable means of hand drying. You can rest assured that all hand dryers provided by Hygienic Concepts ensure compliance of this legislation.

Where to start?

Deciding what kind of hand dryer you need can be tricky. Our sales advisors will provide you with the best expert advice and customer service. Helping you to decide what handy dryer you need for your washroom.

Get in touch via the contact us page or the form below. You can also get in touch through the live chat service, our team are more than happy to help.

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