Clinical Waste & Sharps Disposal

Clinical Waste Bags

Professional Disposal

A duty of care certificate will be left with every customer for both clinical waste and sharps box disposal.

Variable Sizes

Where larger quantities of clinical waste are produced, large lockable wheelie bin style containers can be supplied.


Here at Hygienic Concepts, we offer the best brands at the most affordable rates!

Most Popular Units…

3.75L Sharps Box

The 3.75L variety of our clinical waste and sharps disposal bins is one of our most popular versions. Due to its relatively small size, it is perfect for smaller rooms but is still ideal for the safe storage of clinical waste.

  • Safe disposal of sharps
  • Self-locking lid upon final closure
  • For medical and non-medical sharps
  • Yellow colour as required by law

11L Sharps Box

Our 11L sharps disposal box is a great solution for any larger area that requires a secure place to dispose of clinical waste and sharps. The lid self-locks on final closure ensuring the content of the bin do not spill out during transit.

  • Secure shards disposal bin
  • Lid will self-lock on final closure
  • Can be used for a variety of sharps
  • Bin in yellow in colour following legislation

7L Pharmaceutical Unit

The 7L pharmaceutical disposal unit we supply ensures the safe disposal of unwanted drugs and medicines. Each of our pharmaceutical bins are supplied with blue lids following EU regulations and come with self-locking lids for safe carriage.

  • Secure pharmaceutical disposal bin
  • Lid will self-lock on final closure
  • Large disposal aperture for ease of use
  • Colour coded lid to ensure proper waste segregation

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