Cleaning Windows: Summer Window Cleaning and why you should do it

On a daily, weekly and monthly basis we clean all areas of the family home to an inch of its life (sometimes), making sure everywhere looks super clean and fresh for our own health and well-being. One day it might be the bathroom the next it’s your living room but sometimes it’s easy to forget your windows.

The winter months batter our homes with bad weather, dirt/salt from nearby roads and bird droppings, all of which leave windows looking a little worse for wear. As the season’s change and the sunny weather begins it becomes clear that your windows need the shine putting back into them.

Clean window

When is the best time of year to clean windows?

One of the biggest misunderstandings around window cleaning is that it should only be done during the sunny months. This is not true and windows internal and external should be cleaned and maintained throughout the year, ideally once every three months. The only time we would not recommend washing your windows would be if it is raining or super windy. However, that being said if it has rained you should wash your windows after if you want to maintain a crystal clear view.

There are some advantages and disadvantages to cleaning your windows in every season.


Spring is the most popular time of year to clean your windows. They don’t call it Spring cleaning for anything after all! The weather during spring is pleasant overall meaning your windows will not be left with streaks all over them. However, pollen can build up on the external glass and quickly make them look dirty quicker.


The Summer months is a great time of year for BBQ’s and sitting outside. However, it might not be a good idea to clean glass and other shiny surfaces outside in the direct sun. The heat can dry cleaning products is record speeds, leaving water droplet or streaks of product on the glass surface. We would recommend choosing a dull day or later in the evening when the temperatures have decreased.


Autumn can be a wet and cold season which makes it an ideal season to make your windows shine. The temperature isn’t too hot so you won’t leave any residue from the product or water on the glass. During the autumn months leaves fall off the trees picking up dirt, the leave may then be swept up by the wind into your windows, so it is good to maintain the appearance of your windows through these months.


With shorter, wetter days the more light in your home the better. As winter is the rainiest season it’s a good idea to keep on top of your windows. Clean rain may only leave watermarks on your glass. However, dirty rain from road mist and wind can leave your windows in a bit of a state. Leaving you with dirty windows and reduced light.

How often should I clean my windows?

A clean and clear window can have a large effect on our mental health and well being. This may sound crazy but looking out of a clean window into your garden compared to looking out of a dirty window can impact our mood. A clean set of windows also makes your house proud. Some homeowners clean their windows or have them cleaned professionally every 2 weeks, to ensure they always have a perfect view.

Where you live will also impact the frequency, for example, if you live near a main road the dirt on your windows will build up quickly, leaving you with poor visibility.

During the Summer more birds are out and about resulting in more bird dropping landing on your property. This along with the sun can leave glass looking not so good.

If clean windows are important to you at home, we would recommend the following window cleaning schedule:

  • Spring / Summer – One clean every two weeks
  • Autumn / Winter – One clean every month

If clean windows are not a priority for you at home, then we would recommend you still look to have them professionally cleaned once a month. The reason being it isn’t just about the glazing in your windows, it is also about the frames and seals. If you neglect cleaning the frames and seals in time the frames will become stained and the seals will dry out and crack resulting in all sorts of problems.

So window cleaning isn’t just about the visual aspect it also includes good maintenance of your properties windows and doors. Look after them and they will last for much longer than if you neglect them.

There are many window and glass cleaning product available on the market that have been proven to clean windows and reduce streaking. The Flourish™ Window & Glass Cleaner by Hygienic Concepts is the ideal companion for the job.

Our step by step guide to cleaning windows

This short step by step guide on window cleaning will go through two techniques you can use in the home.

Hot soapy water

The first technique that nearly almost every person can do is use a bucket of hot soapy water, a sponge and a microfiber cloth.

First, make up a bucket of hot soapy water. Make sure your windowsill is free from any planters or object that may get in the way or potentially damaged.

Cleaning windows with soap and water

Next, start from the top of the window and work your way down making sure to rinse any dirty water off. Clean window frames and sills, in the same way, to remove dirt.

Cleaning Windows

Then using a microfiber cloth, wipe the window until dry.

Flourish™ Window & Glass Cleaner

This is the recommended choice if you ask us. By using the Flourish™ W&G cleaner you save time and money and to top it off your windows are left squeaky clean and shiny.

Very much the same as the soap and water technique remove any objects on windowsills that could potentially break. Spray the product onto the window and wipe from the top to bottom. We would recommend using a microfiber cloth or standard blue roll.

Next using a microfiber cloth buff the window to a shine. Our glass cleaner can be used internally and externally on all windows and shiny surfaces.

Flourish Window & Glass Cleaner

Flourish™ Window & Glass Cleaner

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Wrapping up

Overall keeping your windows crystal clear and clean helps improve not only the view but also your health. We recommend using our Flourish™ Window & Glass cleaner as it is a quick and easy, streak-free product that is cheap to buy.

For more information on Hygienic Concepts do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of dedicated hygiene experts are always available to help and guide customers when purchasing products.