Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is important at this time of year as it is all year round, but especially when the party season is in full swing. It is important to get your home as hygienically clean as possible to reduce the risk of spreading germs and catching illnesses.

Inviting friends and family round is all fun and games until a day or two later you land with a snotty nose, sore throat and that tickly cough.

There are an estimated 1,500 bacteria per square centimetre of skin on your hand.  One of the best ways to prevent bacteria related illnesses and other infectious disease is to wash your hands with soap and water.

Unwanted visitors
Germs and bacteria can be brought in on visitors’ shoes, spreading the unwanted guests around your home and increasing the risk of Christmas bugs and colds. Removing coats and shoes at the door reduces the risk of spreading bacteria. You can’t force people to wash their hands but you can promote it by leaving liquid soap in the bathroom, kitchen and other areas of the home.

Close proximity
With lots of people up close and personal in enclosed spaces, bacteria and viruses spread more quickly amongst people. To stem their spread it’s important to keep your house hygienically clean.

Clean your house thoroughly before hosting – floors to tiles, work surfaces to sinks, toilets and bins and you can even add disinfectant to your rinse cycle to kill bacteria on cushions, bed linen and animal bedding.

Here’s a quick video on how to wash your hand with soap and warm water, just in case you didn’t know already.