Hygienic Concepts supply a broad range of water cooler products varying in price and features. Our mains fed water cooler products provide high-quality safe drinking water to businesses and people throughout the UK. We are committed to providing a unique service, supplying water cooling systems. Our supply chain has enabled us to supply these systems throughout the UK (nationwide) for only a small delivery charge.

Our mains fed water dispensers supply cold water as well as ambient and hot filtered water providing a great tasting experience. Products sold by Hygienic Concepts are manufactured to the highest quality and fit perfectly into small, medium and large businesses.

You can hydrate your business with our water solutions. Whilst ensuring your staff are hydrated you are also supporting our environment. Our coolers help reduce plastic waste and encourage the reuse of bottles, making them more environmentally friendly.

We provide products for both bottled water coolers and dispensers with a direct water supply.

We work closely with our distributors and courier services. We not only provide unique customer service but a cost-effective one.