Business Matting Makes a Huge Difference During Autumn

Commercial mats do more than just make your business appear nice.

Entrance Business Matting

Floor mats are much more than just a lovely face, with shock-absorbing mats for health and safety, scraper matting to remove shoe debris and save money on cleaning, and logo mats to expand your identity or express critical messages.

Matting is an important part of the floor care routine of the building you care for, and it also helps to protect your employees. Industrial rubber matting and non-slip mats for kitchens, restrooms, and spill-prone areas are most likely already part of your company’s commitment to health and safety. Commercial mats not only protect your colleagues but also help to protect floors from damage because replacing a mat is much less expensive than replacing an entire floor of tiles or floorboards.

What is the purpose of commercial matting?

The commercial mat is a facilities manager’s best friend if ever there was one. It can be useful in a variety of situations and usually requires little more cleaning than your regular flooring. When determining which type of mat is appropriate for which location, business mat suppliers such as Hygienic Concepts are always available to assist. We can not only supply and deliver a wide range of specialist industrial matting, but we can also provide regular servicing and cleaning to ensure that your floor mats remain effective no matter what your employees or visitors throw at them.

commercial matting

One of the most important characteristics of a good commercial mat is its durability and effectiveness. They must deal with not only removing dirt but also with retaining it so that it does not spread through your building’s floors. Entrance matting can improve the appearance and smell of a building while also improving air quality and allowing it to handle potentially high footfall.

An all-season commercial mat

Mats can be used for a variety of purposes. Matting can help with other working problems that could otherwise create inconvenience at best and harmful conditions at worst, in addition to providing vital elements of dirt control and producing that great first impression that will attract customers and reassure visitors:

Stopping dirt at the door – we’ve already discussed the use of dirt trapper mats cut to size to protect entrances from street or garden mud and grime. Outside, rubber outdoor mats and heavy-duty doormats can prevent a lot of dirt from getting to the front door in the first place. When used in conjunction with good brush matting, daily floor care becomes much more manageable, even in cold and wet months.

Matting Solutions

While commercial mats are much more than just a pretty accessory, it’s always nice to arrive at a well-presented building where the business owners take pride in their operations. Logo mats convey the corporate image as well as the feeling that the organisation is confident in the manner in which it supplies its product or service.

Stopping messes – absorbent mats are required to soak up water and spills in a variety of locations. Dispensing mats, for example, capture splashes of drinking water or hot beverages. Keeping liquids off the floor reduces cleaning time and the risk of slipping.

Keeping employees and visitors safe – messaging mats, or simply different coloured standard mats, can indicate different zones for access or PPE requirements, or they can help direct a one-way system for covid or crowd management.

Providing information – logo mats can also be used as message mats, reminding employees or customers of required or suggested actions, offers, or directions.

There are numerous other reasons why you might need to install any of a variety of commercial mats. There is always the right mat for the right place, whether it is anti-fatigue mats, outdoor mats, entrance matting, or bespoke matting. Contact Hygienic Concepts to ensure that you are receiving all of the assistance possible from our helpful matting solution experts.