A clean business means a clean reputation

With more and more people taking to social media to voice their opinions and reviews, the smallest of detail is crucial when keeping your business washroom clean and hygienic.

One of the first places to start is with training. Make sure your cleaners are using the correct cleaning products and equipment for the job. For example, you wouldn’t use the carpet cleaner on the bathroom sink, would you?

A bad first impression can make a customer’s first experience their last

Impressions count so make sure that every customer that visits your business washrooms leaves them with a good experience and a lasting impression.

Every business needs sanitised washrooms to keep away harmful germs and bacteria. Bacteria can cause all forms of health problems. One of the most obvious places they reside in is the washroom.

Urinals and toilets aren’t always the best of looking things in the world, especially if they aren’t cleaned and maintained. Regular use of a biological cleaning product such as Uri-Bug helps reduce blockages and bad odours leaving urinals and toilets looking as good as new.

Make sure traps and basins are free from debris. This will help with the reduction of blockages.

A regular service from Hygienic Concepts will ensure your washroom equipment is in excellent working order.

Improve Air Quality

As we all know walking into a washroom with zero air care products can be quite an unpleasant experience. Then we go warn our friends not to use the washroom without a peg on their nose, or worse you could have a customer that is a social media butterfly and spreads the word to thousands of people.

Most air freshener will only mask the smell. However, the Microburst air freshener can be set to spray a dose of fragrance on a regular basis depending on the odour within the washroom. You could buy this out-right but then you have to worry about refills and batteries and making sure it is set up correctly. With a regular service from Hygienic Concepts, we do all of this for you without you having to worry about nothing apart from your customer service.

We also recommend using Uri-bug not only in your urinals and toilets but also to mop the floors and clean washroom worktops and sinks.

Floors, Tiles, Worktops, Mirrors & Sinks

Floor, tiles, worktops and sinks are areas that almost every user can view from every point in the washroom. The floor is the first thing a customer will see and wall tiles, sinks and soap dispensers are the last things a customer will see when visiting your washroom. So it is crucial to get these areas super clean and hygienic.

As these areas don’t come into contact with food it is 100% safe to use a biological cleaner such as Uri-bug. The floors can be mopped with warm water and 4-5 doses of the superior bacteria, leaving them as good as new. Worktops and sinks can be tackled with the 750ml Uri-bug spray. It’s really as simple as one, two and three. Simply spray the superior bacteria onto the area leave it and wipe away. The bacteria will continue to work after it has been wiped away by removing any bad bacteria that may be present.

Mirrors should be cleaned regularly in business washrooms because of the amount of traffic passing through. Fingerprints, grease and dust are just some of the things you will find on any mirror. With an affordable cleaner, you can make light work of those horrid marks. Flourish window and glass cleaner is perfect for the job as it lifts grease, dirt and anything else for that matter.

Never get caught short!

There’s nothing worse than rushing to the toilet, doing your business and finding out the loo roll has run out. Always ensure your toilets are replenished with toilet roll and soap for customers to use. This will also leave a good impression as the customer is able to use your washroom without having to worry about these necessities. It’s also good to keep your sanitary waste and general waste bins clean and tidy. No one wants to see any kind of waste lying around!

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