5 Ways to clean up your home this autumn

Wash the windows!

Days are getting shorter, it’s important to make the most of the natural light flooding in. Brush away dust and cobwebs from the window frame and sill, inside and out. Use a sponge, microfibre cloth or blue roll with a solution of vinegar and water or use Flourish Window & Glass cleaner for best results. Once you’ve removed excess dust and dirt spray the window cleaner over the whole window, use the blue roll to wipe over and buff till sparkling clean.

Dust & Polish

Rid your home or business of the summer build-up of dust and pollen by using a quality furniture polish and cloth. Rearrange the furniture, dust down book shelves and make sure your mirrors and silver are gleaming. A simple dust and rearrange can make a room look completely different.

Leave the shoes at the door

Autumn and winter mean wet, dirt and leaves. There’s nothing worse than someone walking in mess from the outdoors, especially after you’ve gone to all that effort to hoover and mop. Make sure to use a floor cleaner that lifts dirt and bacteria leaving them super clean and fresh. Get into the routine of taking your shoes off at the front door, this will keep your floors cleaner for longer.

De-clutter your summer wardrobe

Your summer clothes and linens can be put away. Replace them with cool-season items like your woollies and coats. To keep moths at bay, use moth balls or lavender moth repelling scents in the wardrobe to reduce the chances of them going near clothes.

De-clutter your kitchen cupboards

Throw away any foods that are out of date, and spices that are more than six months old or have lost their scent. Clear out the fridge, defrost the freezer and throw out all your old food. Keep on top of your kitchen maintenance i.e anti bac the worktops and cupboards. Keep your microwave squeaky clean and your fridge odour free.

Make way for CHRISTMAS!!

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